Sharps Program and Safety Coordinator

Under the direction of the Director, the Sharps Program Coordinator will administer the Baystate Health Sharps Injury Prevention Program.  The Coordinator will be the administrator of the Sharps Injury Prevention Committee and support the chair in the operations of the program.  The Coordinator will maintain all device management aspects of the program, will be proficient in the database of all sharps devices, be able to produce reports as needed for the Sharps Injury Prevention Committee on devices, primarily but not limited to hollowbore needles, those which do not meet the definition of a “safety sharp” or are non-safety devices for which a “safety sharp” is available.  The Coordinator will maintain all required documentation as defined by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration as it relates to sharps devices.

The Coordinator will work with Supply Chain, Nursing Practice & Professional Development, and the nursing and procedure unit managers and educators to trial and assess new sharps devices which will enhance the safety of our staff and patients.   The Coordinator will also assist the Injury Prevention Coordinator and Safety Data Analyst as needed in identifying alternative sharps devices in the event of an injury.

Job Responsibilities

  • In conjunction with Supply Chain, maintain a current database of sharps devices identifying those which are safety, non-safety for which a safety alternative is not available, and non-safety for which a safety device is available. 
  • For non-safety devices, work with the user departments to prepare Injury Prevention Plans; a specific plan which identifies how a user will protect themselves from injury with the device. 
  • For non-safety devices for which a safety device is available, work with the users and or user departments to prepare an Exemption Form as identified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • See that all Injury Prevention Plans and Exemption Forms are submitted to the Sharps Injury Prevention Committee on an annual basis for approval. 
  • Attend the monthly Sharps Injury Prevention Committee meetings and support the SIPC Chairperson and Injury Prevention Coordinator with data on devices as needed.
  • On an annual basis, research each non-safety device in use to determine if a safety alternative has become available.  If one has, in conjunction with, and using the developed protocols, work with Supply Chain to trial these new devices with appropriate users in each different patient care setting to assess the new device for usability and efficacy.  If successful, again, with Supply Chain, guide the general education around the new device and it’s implementation.  If not, refresh the associated Injury Prevention Plan to include the trial information and provide a clinically significant reason for not adopting the device.  Shepherd the revised Injury Prevention Plan through review and approval with the Sharps Injury Prevention Committee.
  • On a monthly basis, the Coordinator will set the agenda for the Sharps Injury Prevention Committee, and update the Chief Nursing Officers and Director of Safety & Environmental Affairs on attendance.
  • Based on the monthly review of the Sharps Injury Log provided by Employee Health Services, the Coordinator will reach out to injured employees as needed to provide an update on their technique with the device that caused the injury and help complete the Root Case Analysis if not already done.

Required Experience

  • MA Nursing License and a minimum of 3-4 years of clinical nursing experience
  • Valid drivers license and reliable transportation for travel between sites
  • Demonstrated interest in both safety and quality
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft office, specifically database management & Excel
  • Must be comfortable with planning & facilitating committee agenda and


Bachelor of Science: Nursing, Diploma in Nursing (Required)