Ali and Me: Through the Ropes

Rick and Muhammad at dinner, in Windsor, Ct (1983)

Rick Kaletsky is an ASSP member, safety consultant, and former USDOL/OSHA Assistant Area Director. He is also the author of “Ali and Me: Through the Ropes,” which he recently rereleased in 6th printing— a limited edition, now enhanced with an extensive epilogue, as well as photos of Rick with Muhammad.


Some testimonials about the original publication:

– Muhammad Ali

– Ferdie Pacheco, “The Fight Doctor” & Ali’s Cornerman
“This book provides an arresting look into the mind of a superfan.”

– Jim Jacobs, Mike Tyson’s Manager
“Marvelously entertaining… thorough and complete charm… Cus D’Amato (Tyson’s trainer) was captivated.”

In 1963, 15-year-old “Ricky” Kaletsky phoned “Cassius Clay” and enjoyed a nice chat with him. In 1982, “Muhammad Ali” called “Rick” (now as author) at 1:30 a. m., to thank him for “Ali and Me.” Between those calls, Rick saw Ali fight “live, in person” eight times (including Frazier I & II). He met “the Champ” several times, highlighted by a visit to Ali’s dressing room immediately after the rematch win over Leon Spinks, in New Orleans. He also met many members of Ali’s “corner,” entourage, and family, plus his promoters, publicists, numerous opponents, the writers, the photographers, and…yes…Howard Cosell. In 2012, Rick attended Ali’s “by invitation only” 70th Birthday Party in Louisville. Rick is the curator of a small Muhammad Ali museum, featured with “Ali and Me” on CNN-HLN and (upon Ali’s passing) on three Connecticut TV stations. Then there’s the time he and Ali drank Coke from the same glass!             

Ali and Me is unlike other Muhammad Ali books. Rick’s special fan’s perspective is written in informal style, flavored with boxing clichés, humor, time landmarks (news events, culture, political climate), and uncommonly keen insight into Ali. The refreshing angle fuels a wealth of rich emotion packed into a glossy softcover 8½” X 11” “coffee table” book, featuring more than 20 photos (most are rare and full-page). “Ali and Me” also examinesfighters and the fight game in depth, and paints vivid accounts of ring action.

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