2017 Region VIII PDC Call for Speakers (DEADLINE 4/1/2017)

Mar 06, 2017

The ASSE Region VIII New England Area Chapters invite presenters for the 19th Professional Development Conference to submit proposals for review by the PDC Planning Committee.  Our speakers provide attendees the opportunity to build professional skills and knowledge, tackle and provide solutions to new and existing challenges in the Safety, Health and Environment field, and promote the development of new entrants in our field.  The PDC includes a variety of practical and technical programs which include management techniques and soft skills.

Speakers should design and practice their presentations to run inside of 60 minutes including the question and answer portion (e.g. 50 minutes plus 10 minute Q&A).  The outline for submissions is on the following page, and in one document it allows the Committee to review your proposals.  An actual copy of your presentation is optional.  You may type or paste into the outline itself for convenience.   Please e-mail completed outline in Word format to:

Subject line: NEA PDC 2017
Thank You!

We are also looking for PDC Planning Committee Volunteers. If you would like to help shape the 2017 PDC please contact John Spath at aqcspath@msn.com.

Submission Outline for Speaker Proposals – 19th ASSE New England Area PDC

  1. Speaker Name
  2. Title
  3. Organization
  4. Address
  5. City-State-ZIP
  6. E-Mail Address
  7. Telephone
  8. Speaker’s ASSE Member # (for CEU)
  9. Submitter/coordinator if different from Speaker
  10. E-Mail Address
  11. Telephone
  12. For Co-Presenter(s), Repeat the Above Information
  13. Title of Presentation (brief to fit an At-a-Glance program)
  14. Speaker Name and Credentials as you want them to appear in Brochure or listings, for each speaker [example: Joan J. Smith, M.S., CSP]
  15. Speaker BIO in 60-words or less, for Brochure or listings, for each speaker
  16. Brochure description of Presentation in 60-words or less
  17. Two learning objectives of the Presentation (sentence each)
  18. Abstract of presentation in 350-words or less double-spaced
  19. Previous speaking at ASSE (chapter, PDC, national)? (describe)
  20. Previous speaking or teaching (other)? (describe)
  21. Have you presented THIS program before? (where)
  22. Audio/Visual requirements for your presentation: (e.g. wireless –vs- podium mic, linked audio for sound from videos, flipchart/markers, other (describe) – LCD projector and screen standard and we will contact you to consider any special requirements. Our 2017-18 location is “tech friendly”!)
  23. If your submission is not selected in the first round, would you consider being contacted for speaker cancellations or to be back up speakers on the days of the PDC?