Past Presidents, July 16, 2020

Past Presidents were once again shown appreciation for their duties to your Chapter with a free dinner at Brewport Brewery in Bridgeport CT on July 16, 2020.  A transition ceremony for the new President, President Elect and Secretary were held.  The new ASSP Region VIII Regional VP was in attendance as well.

Steve Biasi and Marianne Bonito from the Bridgeport OSHA office presented a talk on updates to the OSHA COVID-19 Enforcement guidance. The top ten violations cited in 2019 followed .

How I Survived 24+ OSHA Visits, June 18, 2020

A Director of Safety relays his experiences and expertise over his 40 plus year career to help employees stay safe and his companies emerge unscathed by OSHA. From General Industry and Construction to Electrical workers, Walt Tucker has been able to avoid OSHA citations and fines over 40+ years of Safety Management.

2020 WMOSHA – Machine Guarding, February 21, 2020

Topic Machine Guarding and OSHA’s National Emphasis Program on Amputations in Manufacturing. Persons attending this presentation learned the importance of inspections, maintenance and use of machinery and appropriate guarding systems, as well as electrical, mechanical and non-mechanical hazards and the required training under the OSHA standards.

Speaker Peter Barletta, Compliance Assistance Specialist, US DOL / OSHA Boston South Area Office

Meeting and Tour at Legrand North America, LLC in West Hartford CT, February 7, 2020

Integration of health and safety considerations into manufacturing operational improvement activities at Legrand.  We also plan a short tour of the facility focusing on how these activities are managed on a daily basis.  Also included is a dive into the near-miss and behavior based safety observation preventive action process.

Making Safety Training FUN @ LEGO, January 31, 2020

How do you make safety interesting? Or dare we say, “FUN”? At the LEGO Group, they use a mixture of humor, storytelling and brand integration to create a culture where safety is a naturally embraced day-to-day. Targeting what resonates with employees and utilizing as much media as possible to deliver the messages. In this presentation, they will showcase a multi-media approach in delivering both OSHA-required safety programs as well as our in-house cultural development programming. The will also show how to “tune in” to the audience, be sensitive to their work loads and operational constraints, thereby building a level of trust. Comic books, cartoons, videos, wacky newsletters, and even short interactive games are all designed and used to quickly and effectively get a message across.

WMOSHA – Cranes, Rigging and Safety, January 17, 2020

Topic Cranes, Rigging and Safety

Persons attending this presentation received training on crane set-up, site requirements, lift / pick plans and briefings, basic rigging inspections, principles and requirements, as well as the responsibilities of a signal person and FAA notifications and requirements.


Philip O’Brien Hallamore Corporation – Safety Director
Dave Patenaude Cableworks, Inc. – Authorized Crosby Trainer
Chester Humbert Manafort Precision – Safety Manager

Chapter meeting, talk and Tour of Colt Defense LLC in West Hartford CT, Sept 26, 2019

Colt Defense Safety & Environmental Manager, Henry Poulin, was kind enough to allow us into the factory.  We had a talk about the history of Colt, local Safety issues and then a 90 minute tour of the factory and we even spent some time in the shooting range area.  Be sure to check the website regularly for meeting updates.

OSHA’s Machine Guarding Regulations-Interpretations and Amputation Prevention, August 16, 2019

OSHA has had a National Emphasis Program (NEP) on amputation prevention since 2002. A catered lunch and short presentation is planned on Fuss & O’Neill’s experience with this in our region. It will touch on how to interpret some of those general OSHA guarding requirements in Subpart O. For instance, how far does 1910.212(a)(1) really go? What is OSHA looking for to “protect the operator and other employees in the machine area from hazards…?” Specific to the point of operation “that exposes an employee to injury”, what does OSHA mean when it says “The guarding device shall be in conformity with any appropriate standards therefor, or, in the absence of applicable specific standards, shall be so designed and constructed as to prevent the operator from having any part of his body in the danger zone during the operating cycle”?

Consumer Report Automotive Testing Facility in Colchester CT, July 10, 2019
OSHA Summer Summit June 19, 2019
Safety 2019
April 2019 Lunchtime Meeting/Tour of Boehringer Ingelheim Kilo Plant.

A PSM talk and tour of BI’s new Kilo plant (mini chemical plant) and then ended with a tour of BI’s new state of the art Pilot Plant in Ridgefield CT.  Graciously hosted by longtime member Bill Galdenzi.

2019 CT Science Fair Judging

On March 12, 2019 CT Valley Chapter members Rob Klein, Nathan Fague, Sylvia Malinski, David Garner and Ed Zimmer judged for a Special Award Category for student projects at the 71st Annual CT Science and Engineering Fair. Over 400 projects were on display and viewed by our team. The Chapter donated $750.00 as prize money for the winning students. We choose three projects from the 9th-12th level and three winners from the 7-8th grade level.

Below are pictures of some of the winning projects.  Thanks to Nate for coordinating this annual Chapter event and supporting the STEM programs within our local community.

Joint ASSP/CRV AIHA Dinner – February 21, 2019

Jennifer Maclachlan presented Talking Safety: Why Teen Workplace Safety Matters.

Past Presidents Lunch and Presentation – January 25, 2019